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Events and Conferences

Invited lecturer, Philosophy Department, University of Graz

18. January, 2022

7. December, 2021

Invited Lecturer to the lecture series Körper - Seele - Geister, Universitätsklinikum, Freiburg

Invited Teacher, Workshop Graduiertenkolleg Universität Bielefeld

30. November - 1. December, 2021

Online workshop, EmbodiNet, University of Freiburg

10. October, 2021

Summer school, University of Iceland, Teacher and Academic Director

9-31. August, 2021

Invited teacher, Workshop, Die Akademie für Focusing Lindau

25-28. July, 2021

March - June, 2021

Online webinars, Teacher and Academic Director, Erasmus +, Strategic Partnership in Higher Education

Online webinar, Mind & Life Europe

3. February, 2021

Keynote speaker, University of Seattle, Seattle, USA. 

30. October - 1. November, 2020

Invited faculty, Schloss Buchenau, Germany. 

9. - 15. August, 2020


26. June; 3. July; 10. July; 17. July, 2020 

Invited speaker, University of Koblenz, Germany

19. June, 2020

Invited speaker, Skaholt, Iceland

11.-13. May, 2020

Liebeskonzepte bei Meister Eckhart 

Invited Speaker, Forschungsstelle Meister Eckhart, Max-Weber Kolleg, Erfurt. 

16. - 17. November, 2019

Process Model Research Workshop II

Invited Teacher, University of Iceland, Reykjavik.

14. - 15. November, 2019


Co-Organiser, Conference, Collegium Helveticum, Switzerland.

8. - 9. November, 2019

Invited Speaker, Lassalle-Haus, Zug, Switzerland

31. October - 3. November, 2019

Process Model Research Workshop I

Invited Teacher, University of Iceland, Reykjavik.

19. - 21. August, 2019

Invited Speaker, Bindung im Zeitalter des Narzissmus, Bremen, Germany.

July, 2019

Invited In-Depth Workshop. The Science of Consciousness, Interlaken, Switzerland.

June, 2019

Phenomenology of Social Life

25.-27. April, 2019

Panel Member: Embodied Critical Thinking, 17th annual Conference of the Nordic Society for Phenomenology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Invited Speaker, Workshop, University of Iceland, Iceland.


5. - 6. April, 2019

Invited Speaker, Workshop, University of Iceland, Iceland.


30. March, 2019

Invited Speaker, Workshop, University of Iceland, Iceland.


29. March, 2019

Towards mixed methods in the exploration of subjective experience

Invited Speaker, Workshop, University of Aarhus, Denmark.


19. - 20. March, 2019

Invited Speaker, Helferei, Zürich, Switzerland.

November, 2018

Invited Speaker, University of Luzern, Swizerland.

November, 2018

Invited Session, 24th World Congress of Philosophy, Beijing, China.

August, 2018

August, 2018

Speaker, 17th Symposium of the International Association of Women Philosophers, Beijing, China.

Models of Dual-Aspect Monism

Invited speaker, Black Forest, Germany.

June 2018


Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich, Switzerland.

June 2018

May 2018

Keynote Speaker, Felt Sense Conference: Bridging Philosophy and Practices, Hebrew University, New York, USA.

Sich von Sprache berühren lassen

April 2018

Keynote Speaker, German Association for Infant Mental Health Annual Conference, Kreuzlingen, Germany.

What do Words do to Lived Experience

Invited Speaker, Instituto Italiano Per Gli Studi Filosofici, Naples, Italy.

November 2017

Shifting Situation Space, Literature

November 2016

Speaker, Culture and Spatial Phenomenologies Conference, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Eternal Recurrence and the Limits of Critical Analysis

Speaker, Nietzsche, Psychoanalysis and Feminism Conference, London, UK.

November 2016

Die Böhme-Rezeption des frühen Hegel, Jakob Böhme und die Romantik

Invited speaker, Annual Jacob Boehme Conference, Jena, Germany.

November 2016

Frei und empfänglich – ausgerichtet und eingelassen: Meister Eckharts Freiheit im Lichte mikrophänomenologischer Perspektiven auf Kreativität

Speaker,  Meister Eckhart and Freedom, International Annual Meister Eckhart Conference, Hamburg, Germany.

March 2016

Situation, Indexicality, Continuity and Practice: Dewey and Gendlin

Invited speaker, Dewey and the Cognitive Sciences Conference, Kairo, Egypt.

October 2015

"Interaction First” – How Gendlin’s Process Philosophy Grounds the First Person Perspective

Member of the Panel, International Mind and Life Conference, Boston, USA.

November 2014

Special Contributions to Phenomenology: Thinking and Feeling at the Heft of Experience

October 2014

Member of the Panel for Special Contributions, Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP) Conference, New Orleans, USA.

Clarifying Experienced Meaning

September 2014

Keynote Speaker for the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Conference (CEPC), University of Cambridge, UK.

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