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Consulting Engagements

Since 2022

Member of the Executive Board of Mind and Life Europe, dedicated bridge and integrate contemplative practices and wisdom with modern research capabilities.

Member of the Executive Board of the Gesellschaft für Hermeneutische Anthro-pologie und Daseinsanalyse in Zurich Switzerland

Since 2022

Since 2019

The Icelandic Research Fund (IRF) is an open competitive fund which provides research grants according to the general priorities of the Icelandic Science and Technology Policy Council and based on peer review of proposals. The role of the IRF is to enhance scientific research (basic and applied) and research education in Iceland. For this purpose the IRF awards funding to research projects led by individuals, research teams, universities, research institutes, and companies and to research students (cf. Act 3/2003 with later amendments).

Since 2018 

Mind and Life has been sparked by the famous dialogues between the Dalai Lama and Francesco Varela. It opened up new areas of research, by bridging Eastern traditions of meditation with Western cognitive sciences. I have the opportunity to advise on the long-term strategy of Mind & Life Europe and co-create its future with other members. Momentarily, I am engaged with the Varela Award and serve on the Scientific Review Committee of the Contemplative Science Symposium.

2018-2019, Bratislava

This conference has its emphasis on primary prevention and on the interaction of topdown and bottom-up/grass root initiatives to integrate mentally ill people and to re-conceive health as a continuity: We are all crazily human. Mental health starts with the way families communicate, teachers interact with students, and working conditions that grant sustainability. The conference is organized as an interactive cooperation between participants. Slovakia, where the Conference will take place, has a pioneering history in the mental-health reform movement. See link.

January 2019, Zurich, CH

Close Talking applied to rethink the strategies and challenges of an increasingly dynamic development within the theatre world. The theatre team of the ZHdK will think together, by developing visions that grow from each team members own experience and understanding of the situation.

2015 - 2018

Consulting the The International Focusing Instititue regarding quality standards, structure of organization and communication within the 
world-wide community of Focusing practitioners.

2017 - 2018

Consulting in the very first steps of establishing a research Center on
Eugene Gendlin’s philosophical and psychological work.

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