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Adult Students

2001 - Present

Wissenschaft und Weisheit (Science and Wisdom)

Since 2001 I am the coordinator and program-director of the advanced training program “Wissenschaft und Weisheit” (Science and Wisdom) at the University of Zurich, together with Prof. Dr. Christine Abbt. We also fashioned a supplementary course which was called “Religionen im Gespräch”.

The following link to the course offers an overview of the range of the transdisciplinary and intersectional questions, topics and subjects this course has raised so far:

Out of this series of courses a publication arose: Im Zeichen der Religion: Friedfertigkeit und Gewalt in Christentum und Islam, edited by Christine Abbt and Donata Schoeller. Frankfurt a. M.: Campus, 2009.

Another Volume is planned: Einzigartig – Das Individuum im Spannungsfeld der Naturwissenschaft. About to appear in 2018.

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