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PD Dr. Donata Schoeller 

Experience unfolds and becomes richer when we relate to it in certain ways and find a language that does not constrict its unfolding. This responsiveness is an entry point to challenge the mind-body split. At the same time, this leads beyond the well worn alternative of representation or construction, towards intra-actional models of meaning. Practices, old and new, are needed to come into contact with the intricate, multi-facetted, embodied-situational complexity of experience and the challenge of putting it into words. At the moment I am concerned with questions on how this affects our understanding of critical thinking. Follow my work in process!

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"It surely is a merit if philosophy can make the very life we lead more real and earnest".  - William James

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My research has developed from grappling with a medieval concept of humility to approaching a contemporary embodied understanding of meaning. 

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